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Out in the Cold

Out in the Cold

In Out in the Cold, JD O’Brien and John Koepke leave the comfort of their homes to spend a week of Minnesota winter sleeping on the streets or in homeless shelters in an attempt to create experimental empathy for those truly experiencing life without stable housing. they gather interviews with those currently experiencing homelessness for themselves, in addition to talking with various shelter directors about long-term solutions. The film is for anyone who is willing to strip away their sterotypes about homelessness, and anyone who has struggled to find hope in challenging times.
CREDIT: Cinematographer
Produced by Thousand Pie Pictures, directed by JD O’Brien
Out in the Cold premiered as an official selection of the 2015 Twin Cities Film Fest, and was named an honorable mention Best Documentary for Indie Vision/Breakthrough Film.



Tech Specs:

  • Camera: Canon C100 Mk II
  • Lenses: Canon 24-105mm f/4.0

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