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New Website, New Film, and the Inspiration Behind #Fujiframez

Welcome to my new website! For those who don’t know me, my name is Ben Enke, and I’m a semi-professional-ish filmmaker – which basically means I’m a full-time freelance filmmaker to varying degrees of success (spoiler alert: not much success – occasionally I get paid)

I mostly shoot, prefer shooting, and direct a project maybe once every couple of years, when the right one comes along (which just so happens to be this year!)

So, expect blog posts about my experiences on set, with cameras, and trying to get by. Expect stream of consciousness thoughts and opinions, as well as discussions on cinematography, in which I hope to either better inform someone or be told I’m wrong and learn something new (which I’m okay with!)

I also just recently wrapped shooting my first short of 2016 on the C300 Mark II, so I’m going to attempt to compile my thoughts on the camera and the shoot as a whole into one or two posts which are hopefully insightful to some people.

Lastly, you’ll see a lot of #fujiframez on my Instagram feed, which is essentially me pretending to be a photographer. I picked up Fujifilm’s amazing X100t to replace my 60D/iPhone as my walkaround camera, and it only leaves my side when I use the bathroom, lucky for you. Talk about capturing beautiful images though! Classic Chrome is the way to go, my friends. Follow me if you want to feed my ego and contribute to more underexposed photographs of absolute nonsense, or don’t. You’ll probably see them on this blog anyway. And on Twitter. There’s no escaping it, so just give in.

In all seriousness, I hope this blog becomes a place for learning, and if anything, will be cathartic because I finally have someone to talk to about cinematography… myself!

Enjoy the following #fujiframez. Did I mention Instagram already?

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