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Creating Dramatic Looks: A Technical Breakdown

Welcome back! My last blog post was a bit about the experience of working with a decently-manned crew, so I want to get back into the technical of some of the looks we accomplished, how we went about creating these looks, and all the technical stuff in-between. The film in question is tentatively titled “Reset,” […]

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Lens Swap #1 – Making the Jump

Welcome back! In this brand new section, titled “Lens Swap,” I try to get a different perspective (see what I did there?) on an aspect of cinematography. I’ve only been practicing cinematography (does that sound too medical?) coming on four years now, so I don’t have a lot of the experience and technical prowess that […]

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How One Light Lit Two Scenes in a Single Room – A Low-Budget DSLR Technical Breakdown

As you can tell, I’m not at all clever in coming up with titles for my blog posts, so expect to see very garish (is that the right word? It sounds like it might be) blog titles from here on out until I become a more clever person. Last week, I broke down a shoot […]

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Shooting with Canon’s C300 Mark II – A Low-Budget Technical Breakdown

Hello everyone! We are back this week (and by we, I mean me and all of my readers, which before this post was probably like two people). Anyway, I posted on the great world of Reddit if anyone would be interested in technical breakdowns of low budget shoots, and I got an overwhelming “YES!” from […]

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Shooting with Canon’s C300 Mark II – Part One

Hello! We are back, this time with nerdy tech talk, so strap yourselves in, or tune out and wait till my next blog. Just kidding, that blog is also going to be technical, so keep reading if you’re feeling sleepy. For the past few years I’ve been shooting, almost everything I’ve shot has been DSLR […]

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New Website, New Film, and the Inspiration Behind #Fujiframez

Welcome to my new website! For those who don’t know me, my name is Ben Enke, and I’m a semi-professional-ish filmmaker – which basically means I’m a full-time freelance filmmaker to varying degrees of success (spoiler alert: not much success – occasionally I get paid) I mostly shoot, prefer shooting, and direct a project maybe […]

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